Dominic Charley-Roy | Co-Chair

Dominic is a software engineer who just graduated from McGill university! His life alternates between bad jokes, biking and programming, with some coffee thrown into the mix. This is his fourth year as part of the CUSEC team, where he now has the pleasure and luck of being co-chair.

Alexander Coco | Co-Chair

Alex recently graduated from McGill where he studied Software Engineering. He likes Ruby, Go, and cat gifs

Yann Landry | Director of A/V

The only reason Yann wanted to be on the CUSEC team was to have his bio on the website. Now that this is done, he can go back to his daily interests of hockey, heavy metal, scuba diving and chocolate milk. He is also a 4th year Computer Science student at the University of Ottawa who will proudly tell you that Computer Science > Software Engineering. This is his 4th CUSEC and he finally decided to jump on that organizing thing for the first time.

Kimberly Tran | Co-Director of Logistics

Kimberly is currently in her third year studying Software Engineering at Concordia University. She loves to sleep and to eat, don't even get her started with sushi. It's her first time being part of the CUSEC team, and let's be real: she thinks it's amazing! She hopes to see you around for CUSEC '16!

Kathy Luo | Co-Director of Logistics

Kathy is a third year software engineering student at Concordia University. This will be her third year attending CUSEC, but her first time being part of the team and she's excited to see you all at CUSEC!

Miguel Ocampo-Gooding | Design Team

Miguel is a fourth year IT student at York University. This will be his fourth CUSEC. All I wanna do is league. He loves coffee and poutine. If only he could have both at the same time...

Stephanie Zeidan | Director of Events

Stephanie is in her final year of Electrical Engineering at the University of Ottawa. She loves to travel and CUSEC.

David Kua | Director of Speakers

David is in his final year of Computer Science at the University of Toronto. He likes bikes, beers, brews of all kinds, and alliterations.

Kim Noel | Director of Sponsorship

Kim is a third year Software Engineering Undergraduate student at Concordia University in Montreal. It is her second year being apart of the CUSEC team. She loves computers, sports, and food. She also digs riddles. So here's one for you: What has no beginning, middle, or end? Go find her at CUSEC if you want to take a guess!

Laura Alkhoury | Promotions Team

Laura is in her fourth year of Computer Science at Carleton University. Last year she interned in IBM's Extreme Blue program as a Technical Intern, and will be returning in September 2016 as a Software Developer for Cognos Analytics (#experiencetitan). All good things in her life have stemmed from CUSEC (of which she's attended three), including her most recent internship, current significant other, and closest friends.

Edward Ntiri | Sponsorship Team

Edward is in his final year at the University of Toronto, studying Computer Science & Cognitive Science. If he isn't working, you can find him singing, sleeping, or eating pancakes.

Head Delegates

Jeff Tuxworth | Head Delegate
York University

Fill your lungs with air.

The falcon knows the wind.

Breathe life into dreams.

Aniqah Mair | Head Delegate
Queen's University

Aniqah is in her 2nd year of Computer Science at Queen's University. This is her 2nd (and not final!) time at CUSEC, and her first time on the team. She spends her free time student government-ing, binge-reading Wikipedia, and writing bios in the third person.

Gracey Hlywa Maytan | Head Delegate
Concordia University

Gracey’s educational career led her through Zoology and then Woodworking to bring her to her current status as a 2nd year student in Computer Science at Concordia. She is interested in exploring the creative applications of technology and programming. Her not-so-guilty pleasures include science fiction, reality TV, and fast food. This will be her first year attending CUSEC, where she is excited to be inspired by all the great opportunities at the conference!

Julian Horvat | Head Delegate
University of Guelph

Julian is in his fifth and final year of Software Engineering at the University of Guelph. This will be his fourth CUSEC and he just can't seem to get enough of it. He is way too into programming, rock climbing, and coffee.

Jonathan Gratton | Head Delegate
University of Ottawa

Jonathan is a third year Electrical Engineering and Computing Technology student at the University of Ottawa. In his free time, he fancies photography, novels, and the occasional video game; he appreciates a good and enticing story! He also enjoys attending and organizing conventions, and some of his favorite tele series include Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Battlestar Galactica. This is his first time on the CUSEC team!

Kenny Hong | Head Delegate
University of Manitoba

Kenny is a third year Computer Science student at the University of Manitoba located in Winterp… Winnipeg, Manisnow… Manitoba. His passions include a mix of singing, learning the latest technologies and sometimes both at the same time. This will be his first time at CUSEC and he is excited to meet everyone!

Sean Ghazazani | Head Delegate
Carleton University

Hi my name is Sean Ghazazani, and I am a third year computer science student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario passionate for new technology. Find out more about me at